Ines Kaiser

  • Somatic Therapist – Psychotherapist
  • Advanced EponaQuestTM Instructor – Linda Kohanov
  • Trained in Somatic Experiencing – Traumatherapy by Peter Levine
  • Equine Therapist
  • Founder of The Grace Approach

Since early childhood, horses have always played an important role in my life. As a young child I already felt drawn to these powerful and sensitive creatures. Together with a childhood friend from my neighbourhood, I would often visit a Fjord mare on a field not far from my parents’ house. I could not imagine anything better than being close to horses to feel their warmth and enjoy their lovely smell.

Once an adult, I longed to work with horses professionally, but had to put these ambitions on hold: in my home country of Liechtenstein it was simply not possible to find any suitable training. I was also strongly influenced by my family, who wanted me to embark upon a more secure career path, and this led me to the banking industry.

It was only 20 years later, after a successful career in finance, and gaining diplomas in somatic Psychotherapy and Horse-assisted learning, that I was finally able to pursue my calling. Despite being initially nervous about setting up my own business, I was driven by a strong desire to follow my heart and turn my dream of working with horses into reality.

However, I was still taking my time in putting all the necessary steps in place when I got the jolt that I needed: in 2011 my job at the bank was becoming more and more demanding and I was given additional roles and responsibilities. It became clear to me then that if I wanted to meet the bank’s expectations, I would have to devote myself 100% to the task. At the same time I could sense that my energy and intuition were leading me in a different direction: towards horses. After many sleepless nights and stressful days, I was finally forced to make a decision.

At this difficult time, my horses were by my side, giving me the strength to make the bold move. In their still, watchful presence I was able to become still and aware of my inner self. I had not always been able to do this as I had been harbouring a lot of anger and dealing with old wounds. I was afraid to follow my heart’s desire and to stand up for what I believed. But my horses were there to support and inspire me and I felt that they were saying “What are you waiting for? You are not alone. We are ready. It’s time to begin! “.

How my horses showed me the way

Because of the wounds and pain resulting from my own childhood experiences, I knew what it was like to feel alone and powerless. My journey had taken to me to live in many different places and countries, and I had been through some intense times. However, my soul searching was still driving me onwards. I had spent many years of my life searching for meaning: Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?

In my search for answers, my horses stood by my side to show me blockages or unconscious patterns that needed to be integrated. Below I would like to share with you how each of my animals has contributed to my personal development. This will give you an idea of what horses can do for each and every one of us…

My horses and dog Maui touch me deeply and they contribute to my personal journey and growth. Through their unconditional presence they help me to find an inner space with myself within which I can feel myself. They give me loving patience in the confrontation with myself. With their honesty, generosity and simple presence they have guided me towards finding my own path and personal strength. They are my guides with regards to my life task, which is intimately connected to them. I carry the desire in my heart to share the wisdom of the horses with others, which will lead them to a deep connection with themselves.


Mylie is a Welsh Part Bred mare born in 1995. She has been with me since the age of 2. Her highly sensitive nature taught me about the subtle contact without touch. She showed me how intense a connection can get through the energy field and how respectful such contact can be. Mylie shows her boundaries very clearly and I was able to learn about my own boundaries as well as my needs. This insight has allowed me to rediscover how to love myself and to recognize Mylie for who she is: a soul of a horse that is highly sensitive, perceptive and full of wisdom.


Grace is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2009. Her kind, gentle and generous being opened my heart and showed me how to become more open, soft and how to express my femininity. She helped me a lot when I started out working with clients and taught me with generosity. With Grace by my side, I really have the feeling of being with an expert. I am deeply touched about how she supports me and others with patience, clarity and loving presence. When I feel lost, she is the one I can turn to. To me, Grace is a real healer.


Sue is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2008. She was the one to teach me how to be true to myself. She is very clear and direct and when I tried to make some bad compromises, that were neither right for me nor for her, she demonstrated clear disagreement. On the other hand, I was able to experience the most beautiful, wild and powerful moments with her when I meet her being congruent in myself. Sue also often accompanies my shamanic journeys and acts as a helper and an ally.


Sky is a Quarter Horse mare and I met her 2012, when she was a foal. Immediately it was clear that our path would continue together. Her joining the herd brought an old conflict that stems from my family of origin to the surface. It was about the belief that “one can only afford certain things” that needed to be transformed. Making this belief conscious allowed me to reconnect with the abundance of life. Sky and I have a lot in common and she made me appreciate qualities in me such as spontaneity and uncomplicated openness.


Bella is Sky’s little sister and born in 2013. She also joined the herd when she was a foal. She has a very gentle and almost vulnerable side and she has a lot to give in the contact with others. At the same time she sometimes needs protection and dependence. The contact with her made me feel my own vulnerability and showed me how much respect, serenity and slowness can help you to get where you want to go.


Centurion is a Lusitano gelding born in 2011. He joined our herd 2015. After an accident we had with each other during our first encounter, we spent some time with trauma healing. Being with him made me realize how much a trauma can distort who we really are. Also, he showed me that a life in which our needs are met, in which we experience respectful and loving treatment, old wounds can heal relatively quickly, in human and animal.


Tao is a Lusitano gelding born in 2014. He put me in touch with a great conflict between my mind and my heart within me. I felt how much I was torn inside and I needed to dig deep for courage to do things that defy logic and do not rationally make sense. I was able to experience how it is to follow your heart and to step into the unknown. This experience showed me, that our fears and worries often never come true! From now on my heart decides and my mind can then help to put these decisions into practice!


Maui is a Jack Russell Terrier born in 2014. She came to me when she was 10 weeks old. We are inseparable and she goes with me wherever I go, every step of the way. She feels everything I am feeling and shares love, pain and connection. Her presence is unconditional. She shows me love. In a very special way.


Guapa is a PRE mare born in 2016. She joined our herd in September 2017. She showed me once again, that coincidences do not exist and that many encounters we make in life open doors to paths of which we don’t know where they will lead us. Guapa is very mature for her age and I am looking forward to our journey together, even if I don’t know exactly what to expect…