Ines Kaiser

  • Somatic Therapist – Psychotherapist
  • EQUUSOMA Practitioner – ESP
  • Faculty in Training – EQUUSOMA – Horse Human Trauma Recovery
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) – Traumatherapy by Peter Levine
  • Advanced EponaQuestTM Instructor – Linda Kohanov
  • Equine Therapist
  • Founder of The Place of Grace
  • Author of “Marcher dans les pas du cheval – Sagesse animale et découverte de soi” with Dr. Anna Evans
  • Former co-director of Equimotion – Institute for Equine Therapy

I follow my calling as a therapist, inner journey guide and teacher of quantum laws. I lead you through your crisis for you to reconnect with your authentic power. I will show you how to recognise challenges and crises as initiation processes, how to discover your creative power, energetic alignment and how to connect with your life’s purpose, which leads you to abundance. I will help you find your intuitive, spiritual treasures and show you how to actively integrate them into your life.

Why I have chosen this path? It seems obvious to me that in the time we live in, our world requires a lot of trauma healing which leads to authenticity, clear direction, connection with ourselves and the greater plan. Many of us have learned to suppress our true self, our joy of life and creativity. This leaves an infinite amount of potential untapped that is waiting to be discovered and used to benefit this world.

With my power influenced by the element of fire, vitality and connection to nature, I was constantly searching for liberation, without being able to describe what exactly I was striving for. I experienced many crises, and know what it means abandon my own needs and boundaries to focus on fulfilling expectations of others, to deny my true self and my power, to be caught in a job that drains me, to lose myself and thereby experience the loss of meaning.

I was able to find happiness and fulfilment through the path that opened up thanks to my crises for this is how I found myself. I did not walk this path alone and had support and companionship from other wise souls. I was allowed to make experiences which today serve me to accompany others on the journey to themselves. I remain humble in this process and recognise that me too, I am still walking this journey and forever will.

Together with my animals I live in the South of France on my farm which is called “The Place of Grace”. Here I welcome people and animals who need transformation, reconnection with themselves, forgiveness and healing.

My personal crises have challenged me to learn to dig out my long buried feminine power, which I had suppressed for years using a lot of energy, as it was demanded of me in my childhood. It became clear to me that I was losing a lot of valuable life force. Bit by bit it able to tap into this reservoir of power and bring it to the surface. This was not always a simple nor joyful task and at the beginning it was quite chaotic, like every beginning of human undertakings! I was confronted with feelings like fear, anger, powerlessness, despair, guilt and shame, which I couldn’t deal with so well at first and which sometimes caused confusion. I walked through the desert of inspiration, which required me to be just with myself and nothingness. I was confronted with questions around authenticity, resistance, setting boundaries, true freedom, self-love, self-worth, judgment, vulnerability, surrender, courage, emptiness and true connection to name a few. This path led me to touch trauma before my birth and in my very early childhood and help my body to process and integrate. A sometimes uncomfortable journey that was well worth it. Bit by bit I was able to free myself more, heal my wounds, integrate my past and find that the confrontation with myself became easier with my increase of self awareness, resources and connection with like minded humans.

During this time my horses have accompanied me and they still do, every day. They teach me to slow down, again and again, to pause, to breathe deeply, to feel myself and my body. So that I can find my inner space and notice how I really feel and what is really important to me. With their loving presence they encourage me to look at and accept my shadow and blind spots and they patiently make me aware of what still needs to be integrated. They embody presence in the here and now, which is often so difficult for us humans. Through their ability of being and accepting, their surrender and gentleness, their connectedness, their sense of community and their spontaneous outbursts of power and wildness I was inspired again and again to keep going. They are my companions on this path and I am infinitely grateful to them.

At this point I would like to share a piece of wisdom some of my horses brought to me. These stories can give an impression of what horses can do for us.


Mylie is a Welsh Part Bred mare born in 1995. She has been with me since the age of 2. Her highly sensitive nature taught me about the subtle contact without touch. She showed me how intense a connection can get through the energy field and how respectful such contact can be. Mylie shows her boundaries very clearly and I was able to learn about my own boundaries as well as my needs. This insight has allowed me to rediscover how to love myself and to recognize Mylie for who she is: a soul of a horse that is highly sensitive, perceptive and full of wisdom.


Sue is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2008. She was the one to teach me how to be true to myself. She is very clear and direct and when I tried to make some bad compromises, that were neither right for me nor for her, she demonstrated clear disagreement. On the other hand, I was able to experience the most beautiful, wild and powerful moments with her when I meet her being congruent in myself. Sue also often accompanies my shamanic journeys and acts as a helper and an ally.


Sky is a Quarter Horse mare and I met her 2012, when she was a foal. Immediately it was clear that our path would continue together. Her joining the herd brought an old conflict that stems from my family of origin to the surface. It was about the belief that “one can only afford certain things” that needed to be transformed. Making this belief conscious allowed me to reconnect with the abundance of life. Sky and I have a lot in common and she made me appreciate qualities in me such as spontaneity and uncomplicated openness.


Bella is Sky’s little sister and born in 2013. She also joined the herd when she was a foal. She has a very gentle and almost vulnerable side and she has a lot to give in the contact with others. At the same time she sometimes needs protection and dependence. The contact with her made me feel my own vulnerability and showed me how much respect, serenity and slowness can help you to get where you want to go.


Centurion is a Lusitano gelding born in 2011. He joined our herd 2015. After an accident we had with each other during our first encounter, we spent some time with trauma healing. Being with him made me realize how much a trauma can distort who we really are. Also, he showed me that a life in which our needs are met, in which we experience respectful and loving treatment, old wounds can heal relatively quickly, in human and animal.


Tao is a Lusitano gelding born in 2014. He put me in touch with a great conflict between my mind and my heart within me. I felt how much I was torn inside and I needed to dig deep for courage to do things that defy logic and do not rationally make sense. I was able to experience how it is to follow your heart and to step into the unknown. This experience showed me, that our fears and worries often never come true! From now on my heart decides and my mind can then help to put these decisions into practice!


Guapa is a PRE mare born in 2016. She joined our herd in September 2017. She showed me once again, that coincidences do not exist and that many encounters we make in life open doors to paths of which we don’t know where they will lead us. Guapa is very mature for her age and teaches us how to be in touch with the realms that connect us as “one”.


Isadora is a PRE mare born in 2018. She joined us in The Place of Grace in January 2019. She is still very young but carries so much softness and serenity.


Jasmine is a Lusitano Mix and is born in 2018. She joined us in The Place of Grace in January 2019. She is one of 4 rescue horses who come from the rescue organisation Their Voice Portugal. Jasmine is a self confident and gregarious young mare.


Nandinha is Nandas daughter and she was born in 2018. Together with Nanda she came to us from the rescue organisation Their Voice Portugal. She was born on the farm of TVP and therefore has not experienced trauma like her mother. She is a very self confident, curious little mare. She was not handled a lot when she was a foal but has come to enjoy human contact a lot and often takes to initiative to approach and ask for cuddles.


Winnie is mare without known origins. She is born in 2018. Together with Nanda and Nandinha she came to us from the rescue organisation Their Voice Portugal in June 2019. Sharon from TVP found her injured and abandoned when she was 3 months old. She lost her mother very early. Her physical wounds have healed and she is now being given a new home here in The Place of Grace. The herd have welcomed her and she is settling in and developing wonderfully.


Samaya is born in 2017 and came to The Place of Grace together with her mother Rubina in October 2018. Corinna Rossmy rescued the two of them from a slaughter house in Vienna and they found a loving home here with us. Samaya is a fierce and fiery young mare who teaches us about the dance with our power and and boundaries.


Rubina is a 15 year old Lippizan Mix mare and she came to The Place of Grace in October 2018 together with her daughter Samaya. Corinna Rossmy rescued the two of them from a slaughter house in Vienna and they found a loving home here with us. Rubina is a loving and motherly mare. She had a difficult life and was not treated with respect and kindness. She showed me that healing requires a process in several layers. Not always it is sufficient to change the outer circumstances for the better. The trauma that can still haunt us has many facets and she invited me to help her with different means such as Bach Flowers, Osteopathy, Energetic Healing, combined with patience and love. Also, it seems that Rubina has found a way to connect with us humans in places where we have suffered to heal some of her wounds, too.


Ambra is a Camargue mare born in 2010. Her human guardian is Elisabeth Picco-Hertges, a dear friend of Ines. Ambra has integrated the herd in April 2019. She invites us humans to find balance between the masculine and feminine within.


Kéoki comes from a PRE breeding stable and she had several foals. At age 17 she joined the herd of The Place of Grace. She is an exceptionally gentle being and carries a powerful feminine softness.


Sakura is an 11 year old Lusitano Mix mare. She joined us in The Place of Grace in February 2020 from the rescue organisation TVP in Portugal. She is Jasmine’s mother. She has suffered a lot in the past and was used and abused by humans. Since her arrival here, she was able to recuperate well and some of her old wounds are healing. This results in her becoming a loving, expressive mare who does not hesitate to show her needs in a direct way, which makes me laugh. She teaches me, every day, that we are resilient creatures and things can change for the better, no matter what we have been through.


A very wise donkey. He has a strong presence at The Place of Grace and supports us humans with our grounding and with reconnecting to our inner most.


Small, wise and tends to be underestimated!

Kali, Onyx and Ananda

The 3 wonderful cats of The Place of Grace. With their presence they strongly represent the energy of staying true to yourself. All 3 of them have an adventurous side and regularly visit the horses with Maui and the humans and join us for walks along the Gardon river.

Billy, Piccolina & Vega

The 3 dogs by my side. They guide and protect me. They share their wisdom, unconditional love and magnificent presence with me. Every day.

Animals who left the physical body


Grace is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2009. Her kind, gentle and generous being opened my heart and showed me how to become more open, soft and how to express my femininity. She helped me a lot when I started out working with clients and taught me with generosity. With Grace by my side, I really have the feeling of being with an expert. I am deeply touched about how she supports me and others with patience, clarity and loving presence. When I feel lost, she is the one I can turn to. To me, Grace is a real healer.

In August 2021 Grace broke her shoulder in an accident in the pasture and left her physical body. Since then she is very present, with a lot of light. Her passing and transition made me experience a big expansion in my own energy field. What a wise soul she is.


Maui was with me in the physical plain for 6 years. Her presence has touched many hearts, mine especially. In November 2020, she unexpectedly changed form and left her physical body. She has been with me at a soul level ever since. Her presence is still very strong and she guides and accompanies me every step of the way, just as she did when she was still embodied. These experiences invite me to see even more clearly that death is not the end. Not at all.


Nanda had joined us from the rescue organisation Their Voice Portugal in June 2019. She came here with her daughter Nandiha. She then died very suddenly in March 2020. Her message was the following: “I needed to present myself to Ines in the physical plain so she could get to know me in this form. It was not foreseen that I stay. My mission is to support Ines and the beings in The Place of Grace from the invisible realms.” Nanda has ever since been a guide and protector.