»The technique we use with our horses isn’t near as important as the kind of heart we put behind it.«

– Mark Rashid

Intuitive work with horses

As sentient beings, horses react to the most subtle emotional states and attitudes within their handlers. They mirror these states back to us constantly and it is particularly visible when we are training them. They require for us to be emotionally congruent, clear with our cues, present in the moment, patient and empathetic. We need to display leadership and a caring attitude towards them.

If you feel good when you work your horse, you can be sure that the horse will feel good too!

We offer:

  • Starting young horses
  • Ground work
  • Trailer Loading
  • Round Pen work
  • Reflective and intuitive riding
  • Work with problematic behaviours
  • Strengthening relationship between human and horse

We do not have school horses so for any of these activities; we will work with your own horse.