»The technique we use with our horses isn’t near as important as the kind of heart we put behind it.«

– Mark Rashid

To successfully interact with a horse requires you to be in relationship

As sentient beings, horses react to the most subtle emotional states and attitudes of humans. They mirror these states back to us constantly and in every interaction we have with them. They require for us to be emotionally congruent, clear with our cues, present in the moment, patient and compassionate. Particularly with ourselves!

As a first step, this leads to the relationship we have with ourselves and the following questions:

  • How well do you perceive the sensations and messages from your body? What do these sensations tell you about your inner state of activation or regulation? 
  • How do you deal with your emotions? Can you feel and recognise them and express them constructively?
  • What is your inner alignment, your intention, your attitude and how do you communicate this (at the most subtle, non verbal level)?

Building strong, trusting relationships requires being able to sense, feel, and perceive ourselves. At the same time, we are required to listen to our counterpart and to perceive their non-verbal communication. Precise, patient observation and slowing down of our actions are basic requirements for this. I can support you to refine your perception and to perceive increasingly subtle messages from yourself and your horse. This leads to a fine, trusting interaction.