»Congruency over conformity. Authenticity over perfection. Adaptability and Inquisitiveness over methodology.«

– Linda Kohanov

The values of an authentic community

It has become really important to me that through my work I create the foundation for authentic togetherness. I therefore invite you to consider a few points that seem crucial for this. The values mentioned below enable us to cultivate open and authentic contact with ourselves and others.


  • Experience “What is” – if we allow ourselves to be with “What is”, a space opens in which transformation can take place


  • Observe without judgement –  nothing is fundamentally right or wrong; rather ask “What feels right for me?” and stay observant


  • Everything is information – What is this information telling us? What are the needs of the people or animals involved?


  • Focus on the process rather than solutions


  • Create a space of possibility for each other – through mindful, silent presence


  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable and do not take advantage of others’ vulnerabilities