The Place of Grace

The Place of Grace is where human beings and animals are offered the space to undergo healing, transformation and forgiveness.

Radiating peace and vibrancy, the atmosphere here is one that fosters the opportunity for personal growth and reconnection with our roots. We are invited to tap in to our own power and the potential we carry within us.

The place itself is steeped in a luminous energy that courses outwards and upwards, carrying great creative power. Here, we create the space for forgiveness, purification, change and development and can learn the basic principles for how to be with ourselves, other sentient beings and with our environment. We lay the foundations for a new world based on mindfulness and higher consciousness.

The role of relationship is at the forefront of all that we do here: the relationship with ourselves, with others. Most of our wounds and trauma were created in a relational setting and can thus only be healed through new, transformational relationships. Here we create space for a kind of relationship that allow us to be seen, felt and “gotten”, void of judgment and honouring our uniqueness and complexity.

The future we create here is free of the old patterns and repetitive loops that governed our lives in the past. Instead we create from a place of authenticity and from the source that binds us to the unknown and mystical realm of the Universe and our true nature.

The Place of Grace is home to people and animals living here in community. Here Life in all its wondrous forms work together: animals, humans, plants, natural elements and beings from the spiritual world conspire to form an ecosystem. All forms of life that are present here are invited to participate in the processes and unfolding of our work.

Our values:

  • Relationship as the core element of life
  • Non judgment
  • Shadow work
  • Deference to what emerges in the here and now
  • Respect and reverence for all living things
  • Transparent communication
  • Gentleness
  • Surrender
  • Spaces of being and co-creation
  • Quantum view – everything is energy, everything is connected
  • Discovering and exploring the inner balance between female and male forces for each individual and thus cultivating inner peace and a culture of peace in the world.