Through your body. Your mind. Your soul.

Welcome to The Grace Approach website!

I am Ines Kaiser, and together with my 8 horses and dog Maui I can help you to undergo life-changing experiences. For example, maybe you can identify with the following issues:

Do you sometimes feel alone and isolated because of the things that preoccupy and worry you?

Do you feel that nobody understands you? Are you longing to be accepted the way you are?

Do your relationships seem repeatedly difficult and unsatisfactory?

Are you looking for contact with like-minded people who practice non-judgment and authenticity?

Do you feel an inner calling, a passion, a strength that wants to come forward and be expressed, but you feel blocked, afraid or struggle to move forward?

Are you longing for affectionate contact with horses and other animals, coming together as equals?

Are you seemingly experiencing the same challenges over and over again and don’t understand why?

Do you have feelings of sadness, anger, powerlessness or resignation, and don’t know how to handle them?

Are you looking for purpose and meaning in your life, but don’t know where to look or how to find them?

Are you a horse owner or horse lover looking for new paths and ideas for your relationship and work with horses?

In my work with the horses I can help you to

  • Experience contact with yourself and others
  • Recognise blockages, explore and overcome them
  • Create healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • Find self love and self acceptance
  • Discover your potential and achieve your desires
  • Live in the Here and Now