Individual Session

In my practice I create a safe space in which you are welcome with all that is inside you. I invite you to open up to what wants to emerge and arise in the Here and Now. In doing so, I let myself be guided by your desires and intentions. I then observe whatever comes up with kind curiosity in resonance with the place and the animals.

The horses are present during sessions in many different ways. Often the encounter happens in direct contact. Sometimes they remain in the background and hold the space with their presence. At any time they can choose freely how to interact with us. They can move towards us or away from us at anytime.  This is essential, as only then we can be sure that they are acting spontaneously and authentically.

The body plays an important role in allowing you to reconnect with yourself because it makes you aware of what you are not conscious. We open a space together for dialogue with your body and see what sensations, movements and feelings emerge. This allows blocked movements and processes in the body to come to competion. Pent up energy is released and valuable life force becomes available.

In working with me you will develop an understanding of how trauma affects you and your life, causing situations and issues to repeat themselves and limit your creative power. I guide you through the integration of trauma to bring the energy that is frozen back into flow. You will also learn how to recognise old patterns that show up in everyday life and how to deal with them constructively. This helps you to experience open, transparent and constructive communication in your relationships.

Together we explore your inner parts. You get to know your inner child, your survival self and your wise adult. Energetically we arrange them so that they are no longer in conflict with each other but support each other and are useful to you in creating your life. In doing so, you also come into contact with suppressed feelings such as anger, fear, sadness, shame & guilt, but also joy and bliss. These become messengers and a source of strength.

As you embark on this path of exploration, you will become more and more in alignment with your truth and find security and stability within yourself. Based on this inner strength, power & self-confidence you can listen to and trust your intuition and innate wisdom. You move towards life again more freely and openly. This leads to you discovering life with curiosity and playfulness. Out of this curiosity comes awareness of what you really want in life.

This is the birthplace of approaching life with a wider perspective and the power of co-creation based on quantum principles.  You can find out more about that and my heart topics here.


Would you like to receive guidance on this path?

Nobody can do it for us but we cannot do it alone.

Peter Levine

Individual Retreat

An opportunity to receive individual guidance to reconnection with yourself and  life. A possibility of full immersion into the energy and magic of The Place of Grace.

The content of the individual retreat will be tailored to your needs and desires: I share with you my wealth of experience, my intuitive presence and therapeutic tools.

The same points come into play as in an individual session (described above), only that the available time and space go far beyond the scope of individual sessions. Your process will gain significant depth.

We will spend a lot of time outside in nature and in the presence of animals. Together we find a balance between process, silence, integration and retreat.

Content of the Individual Retreat

5 Zoom Sessions to get you started and prepare for the Individual Retreat.
  • Getting to know and exploring the core themes.
  • Creating the foundation and an outline for how to proceed.
  • Sharing my core values and guiding principles with you.
  • Preparation for the dialogue with your body and nervous system e.g. via Somatic Experiencing.
  • Encounters with the horses and nature: How is the contact with the horses? With the place? The other animals? What arises within? What themes show up?
  • Guidance with the inner processes, via body, energy, feelings, mind and soul.
  • Seeking out places of power in nature
  • Constellations, Inner Child Work, Card Reading, Somatic Experiencing, Integration of Inner Parts, Energy Sessions
  • Teachings and experiences with quantum space.
  • Vision Quest for your mission: Vision Quest, Vision Board.
  • For people with a professional background: how do I present my offer? Supervision of one’s own work.
The retreat is likely to bring deep transformation. This is to be integrated gently, especially after you have returned home. Every change has a transition phase in which some things still want to be experimented with, refined and stabilised.
Therefore, I offer 2 Zoom Sessions for this integration process. Possible content:
  • Dealing with the newly discovered parts in everyday life and relationships.
  • What to do if old patterns shows up? This is likely to happen and that’s okay!
  • Implementing the experiences from the retreat, such as dealing with boundaries, feelings and emotions.

Group seminars

The Place of Grace is about connection to life, to nature and to each other. As relationship values play an important role here, this can unfold particularly well in my group seminars .

All participants, whether human or animal, bring their own experiences. We create safe, trusting and non-judgmental spaces where inner experiences can be shared within the witnessing group. Being heard and witnessed can transform and heal our trauma.

I offer group seminars on various topics. They take place in German, French or English.

Graceful Horse Training

To be with horses means to be in relationship

As highly sensitive beings, horses pick up strongly on the feelings and the inner attitude of humans. They constantly show this in both subtle and direct ways – in every interaction. A good partnership with the horse requires emotional congruence, clarity, presence, patience and empathy from the human,  and not only with the horse and especially with yourself!

This leads to the following questions: 

  • How well are you tuned into the sensations and messages from your body? 
  • How well do you recognize what is going on with your horse on a subtle level?
  • How do you deal with your feelings? Can you feel them and express them constructively?
  • What is your inner alignment, your intention, your attitude and how do you communicate this?

Building strong relationships characterized by trust requires that we can sense, feel and perceive ourselves. At the same time, we need to listen to our counterpart and to perceive their non-verbal language. Accurate, patient observation and slowing down our actions are basic requirements here.

I can support you in refining your perception and perceiving increasingly subtle messages from yourself and your horse. This leads to a fine, trusting interaction.

The technique we use with our horses isn’t nearly as important as the kind of heart we put behind it.

Mark Rashid