*1978, originally from Liechtenstein

Body Psychotherapy
  • Core Energetics by John Pierrakos at the Core Energetics Institute, Switzerland and NICE – Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) – Trauma Therapy by Peter Levine
  • Assistant in the Somatic Experiencing Training course in France
Spirituality, Quantum Theory and Shamanism
  • Study of the teachings of Caroline Myss, Thomas Hübl, Joe Dispenza, Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Sandra Ingerman, and others.
  • 20 years of real life experience in energy healing, animal communication, systemic constellations, tantra, shamanism & quantum principles.
Equine Assisted Therapy
  • EQUUSOMA Practitioner (ESP) – Horse Human Trauma Recovery
    EQUUSOMA Faculty in Training
  • Advanced EponaQuestTM Instructor – Linda Kohanov
  • Equimotion Equine Assisted Therapy, Former Co-director of the Training Institute
  • Certified in Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Body-oriented psychotherapy with the horse – Monika Mehlem
Horse training, Equestrian Experience etc.
  • Training with Elisabeth de Corbigny in Horsemanship by John Lyons
  • Riding experience in different approaches:
    – Jumping and dressage rider in my childhood and youth
    – Ride With Your Mind by Mary Wanless
    – Connected Riding by Peggy Cummings
    – Ecole de la Légèrté by Phillippe Karl
    – Physioriding by Sabine Bruns
  • Lungeing with the cavesson by Babette Teschen
  • Ground work and T-Touch by Linda Tellington-Jones
  • Clicker training by Marlitt Wendt
  • Hoof trimming by Tatiana Peter and F-Balance
  • Online courses: Emotional Horsemanship (Lockie Philipps) and Intrinzen Horse (Panther Flow)
  • Introduction to the Trust Technique by James French
  • Several years of professional work as a horse trainer and riding coach for intuitive, relationship-oriented and biomechanical riding

  • “Marcher dans le pas du cheval – Sagesse animale et découverte de soi” with Dr. Anna Evans.

“What we believe possible defines what we are capable of creating”.

Nassim Haramein

About Me

Early in my life I already knew what I wanted: to be with horses. After a banking apprenticeship in my home country of Liechtenstein, I moved to the French Pyrenees and southern Germany for a few years and later to Luxembourg. There I found a job in an American bank to finance my education in therapy and horses.

After 10 successful and also partly fulfilling years of working as an executive in the bank, 5 years of therapeutic work with humans and horses and as co-director of the Equimotion School for Equine Assisted Therapy, my soul came knocking on my door in 2017. I opened up for a truth I had felt for a long time: I would not find fulfilment on the path I was currently on.

My intuition was clearly guiding me. A big step into the unknown presented itself to me. To acquire my own horse farm in the south of France.

After moving to the south of France, I found myself in a state of exhaustion. Many years of intense professional activity, self-employment with little vacation, the divorce, the sale of the house and the organization of the move had taken their toll on me. Many a day I sat behind the house, tired and full of doubt. There was not a single spark of inspiration left in me. I had no idea how I would manage the farm and my life going forward. I had only vague ideas about how I could earn money with my activities here.

It helped me a lot to take a step back, create some distance and become very aware of what state I was in. I was stuck in tunnel vision due to exhaustion, old fears were coming up and no creative impulses could emerge. So I decided to apply my own wisdom and slowed down, trusted the process, sorted myself out and rested as best I could. I decided to give myself 6 months and then decide if I would stay.

After 3 months, I began to see a little more clearly. Doors began to open. Many of my clients from Luxembourg and Germany contacted me and wanted to come to continue their processes here on site.

In addition, unexpected doors opened from all sides, my family, friends, my animals and the spirit world.

I began to feel more grounded and more myself again. 6 months later, I was much better. Things were much more in flow again and my confidence and optimism returned.

Today I teach what I have learned and also experienced:
  • I provide support in confronting what no longer fits and facilitate the transition to something new.
  • I teach how to meet the unknown in life.
  • I help to overcome fear, insecurity and doubt.
  • I promote understanding of how trauma patterns and old patterns block us and cloud our vision. I show how we can regain a broader perspective through slowing down and self-care.
  • I encourage you to trust your inner voice and believe in the power of creation.
  • I accompany you through dark moments and guide you so that you can come out of a crisis stronger.
  • I encourage you to realise your dreams.
  • I show you how to take a well-calculated risk and be daring.

Heart Themes

The shadow represents our unconscious, the unknown. In many of us this term creates some unease, because we associate it with something dark or threatening. It is undoubtedly a force that has a great impact on our lives although it only creates challenges for us if it remains repressed in the darkness of our psyche.

I have come to experience and believe that the shadow holds many treasures.

Social conditioning and trauma cause us to split off unwelcome parts of ourselves and "not wanting them." We hide these parts from ourselves and others and try to pretend they are not there. However, this leads to a dead end, because we cannot simply "get rid" of them. Resisting leads to an inner struggle that costs us a lot of strength. In addition, we tend to project these unwanted parts outwards. We see them in others, and that bothers us and we judge and reject them.

If, however, we turn to these hidden parts with loving interest and curiosity, a treasure hunt truly begins. Even if this journey leads us to uncover things that can be painful and uncomfortable at first, great potential lies within them. Through integration of these parts, we release pent up energy that becomes available for us. Instead of getting lost in judging right or wrong, we take responsibility for how we feel and think. We learn to accept ourselves with all there is within us. This brings broader perspective that includes many nuances.

Horses are very finely attuned to us and sense hidden and repressed shadow parts. When we are in contact with them, these parts can become visible. Accepting them makes us live more consciously and fully. We get access to the creative power that lies within us and start to  express what lies in the depth of our soul.

Connection through boundaries? Yes!
...because only those who dare to say "no" can authentically say "yes"!

Boundaries supposedly separate us from each other. But if we look more closely, we find that respecting boundaries can do just the opposite: strengthen and deepen relationships.

If I know that my boundaries are acknowledged, seen and respected when I set them, I can allow more closeness and trust builds more deeply.

The way we deal with boundaries in our culture often takes little account of individual needs. We are more likely to learn general, "socially" acceptable behaviors and feel rejected when someone sets a boundary or guilty or even ashamed when we define a boundary ourselves.

Horses can help us refine our perception of our own and others' personal space and boundaries. They handle negotiations for space and boundaries among themselves in a very clear, open, expressive and yet so subtle, authentic and direct way.

Being able to set healthy boundaries requires being in touch with yourself and feeling your needs. This happens through your body sensations and attuned perception of personal space.

If we turn to the body's response, we clearly know where our boundaries are and can learn to make fine adjustments according to the context in the present moment.

Quantum Principles, based on the science of quantum mechanics and quantum physics, teach us scientifically today what indigenous and Eastern wisdom traditions knew a very long time ago: separation is an illusion. We are all connected to everything that is.

Many of us may have heard this before, but what does it mean exactly? How does this awareness affect our lives in the Here and Now?

I feel inspired to put these quantum principles into a language and practical application, that helps us to experience how they can serve us in everyday life.

I have been fascinated by this subject for a long time and I have always asked myself: How is it that we have lost contact with this knowledge? I became very aware of the answer over time: our trauma disconnects us from this innate knowing. This is why it has become obvious to me that trauma and quantum principles cannot be considered separately.

I can reveal these connections to you.

Nuances play a significant role in this as we enter a place of experiential learning and living: playing around and trying things out, being curious and in discovery mode.

My curiosity in this experiential process leads to the following questions, among others:

- If everything is connected to everything else and everything is always in motion, how do I participate in this great whole? What are the implications for my life? What do I manifest in the world with my thoughts, sensations, feelings, attitude, my view of things and my presence?

- Am I aware of the parts in me that create realities? How my "looking at something" affects situations, interactions, feelings, and experiences?

- How do I make decisions? Do I have awareness of how powerful my choices are and how they impact my life?

- Can I recognize that what I encounter on the outside and how this resonates inside of me tells me something about myself?

Transgenerational trauma, prenatal trauma, birth trauma, childhood trauma, shock trauma: modern science shows how we are all affected by this. We were born into a traumatized society. How catastrophic, one could say. However, my experience has shown that this is only detrimental if we deny it, turn away from it. I therefore invite  us to shine the loving light of awareness on ourselves and view ourselves with compassion. We live in a time that allows us to inform ourselves about trauma and learn how we can integrate it for healing. Many things we can do today were impossible for our ancestors.

Trauma is an intelligent function.

Trauma enabled us to postpone the integration of an event that was far too overwhelming at the time it occurred. Often, however, we do not consciously remember such events, or perhaps never even experienced them ourselves. They were either passed on to us by our ancestors or happened at a time that we have no memory of, such as early childhood. This is why, later in life, situations show up in our lives that invite us to turn our attention to these non integrated parts. 

This is true for us, but also for horses. They are intimately connected to our history and their trauma can surface when they are  in contact with us. Shifting our focus towards this, makes healing and integration possible for human and animal. It creates powerful relief and we become free.

Did you know...

....that unintegrated trauma drains your energy and life force?

...that it prevents you from being optimistic about life?

...that it distorts who you really are and promotes self-criticism, self-deprecation and guilt?

There is potentially a lot of power trapped in you through trauma that is not serving you and preventing you from creating a fulfilling and abundant life. The release and integration of these parts leads to the flow of creative energies.

"The wound is the place where the light enters you. "