A place of connection with all living things and the paradigm of a new world.

The Place of Grace

The Place of Grace is located on the banks of the Gardon river and is situated outside the village of Moussac, between Nîmes and Alès, between Camargue and Cévennes, on the axis of the Regordane villages.

This place of nature and horse farm extends over about 7 hectares. In the upper part of the farm, there are living quarters, seminar room, barn, indoor arena, round pen and hay storage. A small herd of equines lives in the upper part: donkey Jeannot, Shetland pony Yoda, mule Enya and the mare Sakura.

In the lower part you can find the large horse herd. Here there are a few shelters, a feedlot, pastures and a small, enchanted forest. The further one gets towards the river, the wilder the nature becomes.

Truly an oasis for humans and animals.

Animals, Plants, Cycles

Winter is typically dry and cool, the sky clear and blue, the days sunny.

Spring turns the place into a nature paradise and the warm and humid weather makes some parts look like a jungle. There are many species of birds singing joyfully.

The summer is very dry and warm, typical of the south of France. It is characterized by beautiful sunsets, mild evenings, the smell of cypress trees and the sounds of cicadas.

In autumn, the water returns. Mild autumn days, abundant rain and high water in the Gardon are quite common.

Many different species of animal live here: Foxes, hares, beavers, muskrats and badgers inhabit the meadows and floodplains, whilst kingfisher, heron, hoopoe, nightingale, kite and many other types of birds share the air.

The rich flora is populated by ash trees, poplars, cypresses, olive trees, acacias and many species of bushes and grasses. Artemesia, milk thistle, reeds and water mint grow along the riverbank.

Be with what is.

The Place Of Grace

Enchanted forest, riverbanks & locations infused with powerful energies

The Magic

The place has in its diversity several energetically powerful locations, that invite you to spend time and engage in nature rituals.

The section that stretches along the river is wild and remind you of an enchanted forest with ponds and springs. There are many spots here where you can sit and relax.

Some old trees linger in time. No one is surprised when suddenly a few unicorns emerge from behind the trees. The various elemental beings are very present.

It is a light-filled place of transformation, healing and forgiveness, outer and inner peace. The relationship with all living beings comes to the fore. We come together in silence and sharing and experience what it is like to be felt, seen and understood.

The Place of Grace is a place where you can transcend disconnection and come back from numbness into aliveness. Here we experience abundance.

Ines about the place

The Place of Grace is a place of coming together and creating space for experience, relationship and being. We come together in sharing words and experiencing silence. We can be who we are and with all that is in us, in the Here and Now, in every moment.

We  get to experience what it’s like to be felt, to be seen and understood. Because these are our basic needs in relationships. Many of us have not experienced this and are therefore disconnected from ourselves and from others.

In the process of reconnection we are able to bring our life energy into the present moment and experience genuine contact with ourselves and others based on lightness and spontaneity.