The Herd

The herd is aN integral part of The Place of Grace’s ecosystem and contributes fundamentally to the energy and vibrancy of the place.

The horses live in a large group in the lower part of the place and they have a lot of space in which to roam. There is a paddock trail and several different pastures as well as a little forest. This makes their living conditions very species-appropriate and natural.

The herd consists of a few very experienced horses that I call the pillars. They have an expanded consciousness beyond that of the equine collective. They lead the rest of the herd and some of them have been by my side for many years.

The connection with my horses is like an extension of my soul and we are energetically interwoven in a very powerful way. They continuously bring me into contact with inner impulses that ask to be developed, transformed and integrated.

Their interaction with us humans is as unpredictable as life itself, and they invite us to an experience with them in the Here and Now. In doing so, they continuously initiate conscious and unconscious processes within us that allow us to access hidden parts of ourselves.

Animals that have left the physical body

All that really matters is suddenly very clear in the quiet presence of my horse.

Charlotte Angin